Senegal Parrots - Feed and Nutrition

Published: 11th November 2011
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A trick to hold parrots entertained for the duration of feeding time is to hang some pieces of their foods from different parts of the cage.

Cucumber, eggplant, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans cauliflower and sweet peppers are a few vegetables that are piece of a balanced parrot's eating habits. If you like, you could do some study to come across out which fruits are readily available in their natural habitat. You will find that there a some fruits that parrots love, which include kiwi, melon, pomegranates and mangoes. The seeds of these fruits are toxic so make guaranteed they are eliminated prior to you give the fruit to your parrot.

Chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, guacamole, avocado and mushrooms are some other poisonous foods that need to under no circumstances be given to parrots. Also, steer clear of meals that are superior in salt, food coloring, preservatives, sugar and other additives.

Some pet parrots also appreciate total wheat breads and unsweetened whole-wheat cereals. You can also check out feeding your parrot wheat, oats, cooked brown rice, pasta and barley to see if it likes any of people.

So, to recap, many parrot gurus agree that a eating habits designed up of 10% seeds, fifty-60% high top quality parrot pellets, and 30-forty% clean fruits and veggies is optimum. On the other hand, like I reported earlier, no a single is aware a parrot's great eating habits, but the above appears to do the job ideal.

I have a 6 yr older Senegal parrot that I hand fed. My Senegal is named Sunni and he has a vocabulary of about six words. He can imitate lots of noises these as, the microwave, smoke alarm, jogging drinking water and phone. He has a sweet minor character and has bonded extremely properly with me. I am able to deal with him anytime, day or evening, and he has only bitten me the moment when he was a several months aged. He will let other people deal with him, but has bitten on pretty a number of events. Most Senegal parrots are as helpful as Sunni. I have discovered alot about parrot feed and diet when caring for my Senegal parrot.

The most vital issue in elevating a parrot is their nutrition. Most individuals are led to believe that that a eating habits of just seeds is adequate for these birds, but it is not. In the wild Senegal's will try to eat different food items such as fruits, veggies and nuts. I feed a wide range of meals to retain my senegal parrot nutritious. His most important diet program consists of commercially built parrot pellets. There are a very few different makes of pellets out there is various designs, hues and flavors. Some parrots will acquire to one kind and not one more. Check out out this website Caring for a Senegal Parrot for a list of corporations that provide parrot pellets to get totally free samples. Care should be taken when switching around from a common eating plan to pellets. You must only transform their diet program about ten% every single week.

I supplement my senegal parrot's pelleted diet program with fresh new fruits and greens. Avacodos and chocolate are Toxic to parrots and must never ever be fed. Sunni's favorites foods are grapes and apples. It is quite fascinating watching a parrot try to eat a grape. Sunni "unzips" it with his beak, sucks out the within, and drops the skin. This also keeps him really occupied. Parrots like to "forage" for their foods so it is recommended that you set bowls in a variety of positions in the cage.

Senegal parrots are drawn to colourful meals and also like things in various designs and sizes, so experiment!! You can reduce up carrots into sticks or squares. Some birds will only try to eat cooked or steamed veggies and some like them refreshing. I like to stick some broccoli in his cage bars and make it glimpse like a tree.

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